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 Super Typhoon of Dusuri
From Time2023-8-4


As we all know, summer is a typhoon-prone season. In recent days, the fifth typhoon "Du Suri" in 2023 has caused a huge impact in the southeast coastal areas of China. On July 28, when "Du Surui" landed in Jinjiang City, Fujian province, the Central Meteorological Observatory released relevant data for the first time, showing that the maximum wind near the center of "Du Surui" typhoon was 15, reaching the level of super typhoon.


A typhoon is a very powerful tropical cyclone. Broadly speaking, we will call tropical cyclones with central winds of 8 or above in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea typhoons.

In a narrow sense, only tropical cyclones with central winds of 12 to 13 in the above regions are called typhoons (those with central winds of 12 or more in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific are generally called hurricanes).

So, what is the impact of typhoon on domestic container shipping?


First of all, we need pay attention to the safety. Shipping companies generally intercept loads a few days in advance, so that large ships stop operations in ports and docks, and prepare for typhoon warnings; Docks and ports will also be closed to stop operations. The shipping agency and the fleet will receive the port closure notice from the shipping company and the dock, and be ready to explain to the customer.


Secondly, due to the typhoon, the operation of large ships at the port and wharf will be suspended, which will delay the original normal operation and the normal expected shipping time, so it will affect the customer's delivery time. If the typhoon delay is slower, it will affect 2-3 days, and if it is longer, it will affect 5-6 days. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate well with the customer, inform the additional costs that may be caused by the typhoon delay, etc., and be prepared to apply to the shipping company for waiving the overdue charges.


Finally, there needs to buy good cargo insurance, Marine insurance all risks and so on. Because some goods can not be invaded by water, especially the goods that are scrapped when they are wet by water. At the time of loading, it is necessary to remind attention to the cabinet that is not leaking light and water; In typhoon weather, to remind customers to pay attention to buy good insurance, according to the size of the value to buy good insurance.

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