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Home > Products > CO2 Carbon Steel Extinguishers(SS01-102-210)
CO2 Carbon Steel Extinguishers(SS01-102-210)

Product Name:CO2 Carbon Steel Extinguishers

Product Code: SS01-102-210

Out-diameter(mm): Φ114

Cylinder high(mm): 420

Cylinder weight(kg): 5.7

Extinguisher weight(kg): 8.5

Volume(L): 3

Filling Weight(kg): 2kg CO2

Temperature range(℃): ﹣20℃~+60℃

Max working pressure(bar): 174

Test pressure(bar): 250

Material: CK45

Min wall-thickness(mm): 4.5

Fire class: 34B

Bottom of cylinder: concave


CO2 Carbon Steel Extinguishers are normally used for Fire Class B and Fire Class E.

The range of our CO2 carbon steel extinguishers are from filling 1.3kg CO2 to 9kg CO2.

The related volume is from 2L to 13.5L with filling rate 0.667.

The cylinder material is CK45. 

The cylinder bottom could be concave or convex.

The cylinder surface is with good polyester painting RAL3000. 
We assure the safety of users with good quality products.

We could provide OEM service to meet customer’s special requirements with cheaper price.

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